Joining the Astronomer Team

I have spent the first 5 years of my career working with all aspects of data. I have done traditional data warehousing, developed entire backends in SQL Server, stitched together ETL pipelines and even dabbled in Data Science for a brief stint. Throughout that time I have seen plenty of tools, none of them a delight to use. While evaluating ETL tools for some of my most recent data warehouse builds, I came across Airflow.

I will save most of the details for a future blogpost, but in general Airflow is a workflow management tool allowing you to write python code to define your ETL pipelines but still view those workflows through a web hosted GUI. It is a young tool that needs a lot of T.L.C but I am betting on it.

It wasn’t long ago that I found out that is also betting on Airflow. It is always refreshing to find someone who shares your vision and even better when an entire company aligns with that vision. Now that I have joined the team, I can say WE are building a Data Engineering platform that leverages Airflow as one of the base technologies. We are removing the barriers that myself and others experience when creating data pipelines. I am beyond thrilled to get paid to solve the problems that other Data Engineers run into on a regular basis. ⤧  Next post A Brief Hands-On Introduction to Personal Finance with Ledger CLI ⤧  Previous post The Usefulness of Dollar Quoting