Below is a general summary of my work experience. For a more detailed resume please view my LinkedIn or contact me directly.



Data Support Engineer. I provide tier 3 support for Heroku’s managed data services.


Astronomer is a venture backed start up that is making Apache Airflow better. While I was there we built an enterprise ready platform around Apache Airflow. This software enabled business to create, manage, monitor and secure Apache Airflow instances. I wore many hats at Astronomer, but I am most proud of my work on the CLI and consulting for our most valuable enterprise customers.

LevelUp Development

A small dev shop that focused on building apps using modern technologies. Worked mainly with/in Python, PostgreSQL, Airflow, Javascript, sailsjs writing mobile backends and reporting databases.

Renaissance Electronic Services

Subsidiary of Delta Dental that built software to reduce dental insurnace claim turnaround from 30 days to 30 seconds, processing millions of insurances claims and handling hundreds of thousands of credit card transactions. Built features for and maintained 3 production systems leveraging T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, ServiceBroker and .NET.

Apparatus (acquired by VirtUSA)

A services company with many moving parts. I was focused on the Business Intelligence team building data warehouses and custom reports using SSRS, T-SQL and SSIS.