Separating Yourself From Your Thoughts

Even though I have been meditating for 10 years (some years much more than others), the efficacy of meditation has been difficult for me to judge. I do believe it has been a great tool in my life, but to what extent fluctuates with my own ever changing personal experience with meditation. At the very least, I credit it to jumpstarting my rise from a bad headspace early on in my college years. In all actuality, the ever increasing self-awareness and changes in perspective over the years may have never been realized without meditation. It’s ones of these changes in perspective that I want to share and perhaps with the right words, I can save you some of the time I have spent toiling on a cushion, aimlessly sitting.

A Brief Hands-On Introduction to Personal Finance with Ledger CLI

I have used a number of budgeting tools in the past to take control over my finances, but none have ever checked all my boxes. The latest and perhaps most interesting tool I have discovered is ledger-cli.


Joining the Astronomer Team

The Usefulness of Dollar Quoting

In the name of simplicity I am using a Extract, Load and Transform (ELT) architecture on a few recent data warehouse build-outs. In my case, this means that one database server will do the transformation and serving of reporting data. Using postgres json tools I am able to dump my extracts immediately into my reporting database and begin the transformations from there.

Context Budgeting

Budgeting to me represents a plan. A budget is a plan to maximize the value you get out of your money. Of course, for the vast majority of us, our dollars are severely limited. We are in a constant balancing act of maximizing our long-term and short-term happiness.